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Bi-Facial Glass
Generate more power with less
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Our Impact & Contribution


MWh Generated

SolarInertia systems offsetting energy


Tons of CO2 Curbed

Our actions to reduce Carbon Footprint


Oil Barrels Unused

Initiative to a greener & cleaner future


Trees Planted

Nurturing natural order back to normal

What makes us the best?

Elaborate Planning


At SolarInertia, no leaves are unturned when it comes to project planning. Pooling together all the resources of different departments, our engineers works tirelessly and harmoniously to make sure every aspect of the project is planned before commencement. We also make sure to plan for contingencies so that there are no suprises at the last moment.

Global Sourcing


We trace the origin of any equipment and procure it right from the source. This helps us cut down the cost of middlemen directly bringing down the overall cost of the project. This activity also helps us maintain control over the quality of the equipment and exercise time management of logistics efficiently. Only the best logistic companies are engaged to ensure the material is safely delivered to you.

Robust Installations


Your investment is for 25 years and the way to guarantee that life it is that the system should adhere firmly to the real-estate it been allocated. According to your local meteorological conditions, the structure is fashioned in a such way that it can withstand any natural elements. Complementing our unique structures is our installers that care to tighten the system down to the last nut and bolt.

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Our Philosophy

Success befalls those who persevere through constant effort and diligence. At SolarInertia we do just the same. Each project is our own baby which we nurture through ingenious designing, supplant with quality and economic equipment sourcing and followup with meticulous and neat installation. Thus a project is born through commissioning and becomes the best investment of the client. Happy clients, Happy Us.

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